Cascade of Stars

points of brilliance falling unorganized before fizzling out


It's been a while.

Looking back at this little blog, I'm partly embarassed by my attempts at poignancy, but they're also strangely comforting. Titles and whatnot will need to be changed. Anyhow, it's been, jeez, a bit over a year since I last said anything here. I didn't really think I'd be coming back, but it's a pretty good way to get my thought straightened out, as far as I recall. So, without further ado...

This Saturday will be my birthday, and I'll be 18, a legal adult. I managed to keep my 4.0 last school year except for that single A- in Intermediate Piano third term, which I think was a pretty significant accomplishment. I also participated in the SkillsUSA state and national computer programming competitions, placing 1st in state (obviously) and 8th at nationals. I was disappointed in this, not because of my placing, but because there were at least two really easily avoidable mistakes in my code, which annoyed me for quite some time.

Speaking of programming, I'm around three-fourths of the way through an Android app-development class, and we've just started on our first real project. I decided that I might as well try to convert my cryptography program to a mobile app, hopefully making it actually work in the process. As I write this, it occurs to me that this will be the first time I've worked on that program in, well, the better part of a year. Funny how the past all catches up with you at once, isn't it?

Let's see... I haven't played any on my piano since the end of last school year. I'm researching prenatal genetic screening and human genetic engineering for an "issue exploration project" in my concurrent English class. Thank goodness the course is only a semester long. I'm also taking AP Physics and Network+ this year, although I'm stuck in a test about routing protocols in the latter.

There isn't much else to say, I don't think. I recently got a smartphone for the first time in my life, which I think is pretty fantastic, even if its battery leaves something to be desired. I've returned (for now) due to PseudonyM's recent entry on his blog, which I may or may not be tracking the RSS feed of. Tomorrow I'm going to go with five of my friends and pay a total of $150 to be locked in a room full of puzzles for an hour in order to try to escape. It's going to be great fun, I expect.

See ya around.


P.S. Forgive me if there are any copy errors in the above post. I couldn't be bothered to copy the content into a word processor to check.