Cascade of Stars

points of brilliance falling unorganized before fizzling out

Life Keeps Happening and I Have Nothing to Say

So, yeah. I should really make entries more often, but I feel like I never have much to say, to be honest. A summary of my recent life would include that I've had a boyfriend for a bit over a month now, that I did manage that 4.0 last term, that I'm falling behind in my schedule of learning "Showtime" due to a lack of practice availability, and that my birthday's coming up and I'll be getting some stuff. Said stuff includes two music books (Kingdom Hearts ones because I'm a nerd) and all of the expansion packs for Civilization V.

Sooo... Not much else to say. I've been trying to compose something recently, as a Christmas present, but I'm having trouble coming up with a fitting melody. Which is lame. Perhaps I should think of a title and compose around that? I dunno.

--[null], VoidEnigma