Cascade of Stars

points of brilliance falling unorganized before fizzling out

School, Convention, etc.

The end of the first term is approaching. I have nearly a 4.0; I need to do test corrections and maybe turn in one more homework assignment in AP Stats to get it up from an A-. Also I learned that on finals week I can just not do some assignments and still get As in the class, so that's pretty cool.

Last weekend from Friday to Sunday I was at Anime Banzai, the biggest/oldest anime convention in Utah. I had $165 before then. I am now broke because I bought a Cosmo-P CD, From Up on Poppy Hill, some snacks (Pocky, Ramune, and Calpico), an Attack on Titan wallet, two decks of cards (Madoka Magica and Durarara) a little figure of Zero (Code Geass), an "Objection!" (Ace Attorney) button, went half-and-half in for the complete Claymore anime with a friend, and finally most of a Homura (Madoka Magica) plushie for the same friend. I think that's all I bought, besides assorted foodstuffs.

Other news includes, umm, the fact that I may or may not be writing an original story at some point in the near future, and I also may or may not be kind of dating someone. I have not yet beaten KH FM, still; I've finished the penultimate world but not yet gone to the last one. Welp. I think that's it.


– <something profound>, VoidEnigma