Cascade of Stars

points of brilliance falling unorganized before fizzling out


School, Convention, etc.

The end of the first term is approaching. I have nearly a 4.0; I need to do test corrections and maybe turn in one more homework assignment in AP Stats to get it up from an A-. Also I learned that on finals week I can just not do some assi…


Fond recollections and the haze of memory overlay with guilty remorse and abandoned hopes, creating a sense of melancholy wistfulness. Heavy hangs the head and the heart when one remembers a past of unity and pseudo-familial friendship. Af…

Test Results and The Future

So, today I was able to access my AP Calc AB test results online. I got a 5 out of 5, as I expected, but it got me thinking: what classes am I going to take this coming year to prepare for college? I mean, I was planning on just taking con…